October 2005

Oct 29 – Metastock Part 1: Relative Strength Comparison (RSC) The Key Success Tool In Trading By Stock Market Sectors

October 29, 2005

Everyone knows that, no matter how badly the market may seem to be, some one is making money. There are always profitable trading opportunities out there, but how do you identify them? MetaStock has the tools you need to make the most of any market. Yet, if youíre like most people, even though youíve invested in MetaStock, you probably donít use it to its full potential.

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Oct 24: Insider Trading – Blogging That Might be Risky Business

October 24, 2005

Can blogs revolutionize stock trading? David Jenyns of SystemTradingBlog.com thinks so.

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Oct 22: A Sneaky Way to Steal Someone Else`s Forex Trading System

October 22, 2005

Anyone who is serious about trading needs to have a Forex Trading System that is tailored to them, but there is no reason to start constructing your Forex trading system from scratch.

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Oct 20: Why Are We Giving Away These Trailing Stop Loss Tips for Nothing Ė This Is Not A Misprint

October 20, 2005

A trailing stop loss is very similar to a stop loss, but where the one kept your losses small, the trailing stop loss will enable your profit growth.

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Oct 19:: The Idiots Guide To Back Testing For Confidence

October 19, 2005

After you`ve set your initial stop loss, chosen your method for calculating your trailing stop loss, and implemented all your money management rules, there is one last thing you should do; you should begin back testing your system.

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Oct 17: Simple Techniques for Mastering The Best Trading Systems That Turns Big Profits

October 17, 2005

Once you`ve developed the best trading systems that accurately reflects your goals, and can respond to any market situation with clear actions, you are ready to take the next step in your trading. These are some principals and techniques that I have found to be indispensable in my trading career. Once you`ve begun using them, […]

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Oct 13: The Hidden Secrets of Successful Stock Market Trading Rules – Fine-tuning Your Stop Losses

October 13, 2005

There are two cardinal successful stock market trading rules that I am sure you are quite familiar with by now. The first of the two most common stock market trading rules are to cut your losses short.

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Oct 11: Professional Stock Market Advice Reveals Most Common Trading

October 11, 2005

The best Stock Market advice you will ever read is to learn from mistakes when someone else has made them. So, this stock market advice list I made a list of some of the most common trading mistakes that are made. Even Iíve made some of these. If you have already made some of the […]

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Oct 10: The Stock Market Report That Wall Street Does Not Want You To Read

October 10, 2005

The best way to maximize your profits is to be prepared to give some back to the Stock Market. When most traders first hear this, they are a little taken back. Why would you give any of your profits back to the Stock market; because you are never going to be able to exit right at the peak of the Stock market trend. But, you can still stay with the trend as it develops, and let your profits run in the Stock market. Then, when the price turns, you can exit.

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Oct 6: How To Lose Everything – The Worst Forex Trading Strategy Ever That You Might Be Using

October 6, 2005

You really don`t want to end up using this system. Once you know the worst possible Forex trading strategy, you can reverse it to craft a strategy which does the exact opposite.

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