December 2008

Profit Margin: The Growth Stock Yardstick

December 31, 2008

What are growth stocks? If a stock yields five percent it can’t be any good. It has gone right on shrinking that one percent yield for many of the super growth issues. To be a growth stock, according to prevalent Wall Street thinking, a stock should show a record of doubling sales and earnings in […]

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The Importance of Fresh Water

December 29, 2008

President John F. Kennedy called the salt water conversion project more important than putting a man in space. “The ultimate source of needed water is the ocean. A sizable proportion will, of necessity, be directed to salt water conversion.” “The ultimate source of needed water is the ocean. Of total daily precipitation of 4,300 billion […]

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The Unsexy Side of Investment

December 26, 2008

Not too many investors would link growth with such everyday, unglamorous things as equipment leasing, automobile renting, business-credit checking and employment agencies. As our economy matures and becomes wealthier, the business service industries assume increased importance. A society well supplied with goods and money can afford the conveniences it desires. Furthermore, the growing size, complexity […]

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Influential Over The Counter Markets

December 22, 2008

Foreign securities are the most frequently over the counter traded markets, and a growing number of experienced investors are buying them in search for profit opportunities. Over the counter buying is largely of institutional origin for participating in the rapid growth of the European Common Market.

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In Electronics, Size Does Matter

December 19, 2008

The electronics market has been a popular investment area for decades. However, you should be extremely cautious about buying electronics stocks even after their recent sharply downward revision in market prices, for their price-earnings ratios are still generally high relative to the whole market, which is especially true of smaller, more speculative issues. In order […]

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The Electronics Boom of the 1960s.

December 17, 2008

This historical piece offers some great insight. The industry is confronted with a shakeout of great magnitude. Even disarmament would not mean the end of electronics despite the industry’s heavy dependence on government spending. Disarmament or no disarmament, government expenditures for electronics goods and services would most probably remain at a very high level. “The […]

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Going After Safe Securities

December 15, 2008

Closely allied with insurance stocks, which are fairly safe investments, are bank stocks, which share many of the same characteristics with insurance stocks. Higher interest rates mean more income while lower rates mean more business. As a group, growth prospects for the electric utility industry seem very favorable. Population growth, coupled with automation of industry, […]

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Education And Publishing: The New Investment Glamour Boy

December 12, 2008

Education has indeed become the country’s biggest industry— bigger even than any of the industries which function primarily to feed, clothe and house us. Two fields have benefited most from this boom in education; book publishing and programmed learning. Let’s examine publishing first. “Suddenly to find Wall Street tycoons embracing us and waving certified checks […]

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The Expanding Drug Investment Market

December 8, 2008

This historical piece offers some great insight into the current drug industry. If new products were a hallmark of growth, then the growth record of drug makers is indeed impressive. Sales of drug products are expected to grow rapidly both here and abroad. The Asian influenza epidemic also bolstered drug profits during that period. Ethical […]

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Drugs Are Not Immune To Adversity

December 5, 2008

In 1959 and 1960, drug industry profits fell. As a result, investors began to cast doubt on drugs as a growth industry. Moreover, Kefauver’s Senate antitrust investigations put the drug industry in a bad light. The industry was said to have made undue profits at the expense of the public. Many drugs, especially the “wonder” […]

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