February 2009

An Historical Look at the Copying Business

February 27, 2009

Broadly speaking, we have the following five basic photocopying processes in use: 1.Thermo Fax process—The simplest and most widespread process used was developed by Minnesota Mining & Mfg. 2.Transfer-diffusion process—This process is used by American Photocopy, Sperry Rand’s Remington Rand, and others, and is more closely akin to photography, except that no lens is used.

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Picking Solid State And Tiny Electronics

February 25, 2009

Since there never has been the slightest doubt about electronics being the biggest growth area of our day, the question is obviously one of choosing the right stocks at their right prices. This historical piece offers some great insight.

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Looking Ahead To The New Energy Market

February 23, 2009

Like all industries, the petroleum and energy industries go up and down, but there are technological advancements that are shining light on the future of these industries. What’s behind the new surge of growth in the oil industry? Energy! Coal is still the primary energy source for the steel industry.

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Pay TV: An Historic Cash Cow

February 20, 2009

Like any industry, some of these things have come to pass; others have wildly exceeded market expectations. The smart investor will look to performance before making decisions about the current market. Read on, and plug in to the pay TV market

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Finding Your Diamond In The Rough

February 16, 2009

Because of the growing scarcity of attractive listed stocks, an increasing number of professionals are turning to over-the-counter stocks in search for better values. The investment companies, for instance, are taking a keener interest than ever before in over-the-counter stocks.

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Oils & Chemicals — Hot, Cold and Otherwise

February 13, 2009

Diversification-minded companies regarded chemicals as their prime outlets, just as they regard electronics today. In the last decade alone the chemical industry advanced 140 percent in production against 60 percent for all manufacturing.

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The Great Space For Money Race

February 11, 2009

The recent changeover in our nation’s defense from manned aircraft to missiles has brought a far-reaching and fundamental change in the industry structure as well as investors’ interest in the industry.

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A Hollywood Come Back

February 9, 2009

Motion picture stocks have made a comeback in recent years. By hidden asset value, Wall Streeters mean, among other things, the film libraries of post-1948 features, which movie makers had already written off the books. Per-share asset value of the Fox stock was estimated at over $70 as of Sept. 15, 1960, against only $37.69 […]

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A Look Back at the Motion Picture Investment Comeback

February 6, 2009

It is due more to the strong earnings comeback in their basic operations of motion picture production. “When combined with tremendous fixed studio overhead and rising labor and promotion costs, it was a period of difficult times, falling profits, and declining investment status for the motion picture industry.”

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Making Mobile Money

February 2, 2009

Prefabricated homes and mobile homes represent a great departure from the conventional home in simplicity and economy. This historical piece offers some good insight into the industry, which still applies today.

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