August 2009

Playing The Market For Income

August 31, 2009

For many income investors, the ideal stock is one that pays dividends regularly and offers a high yield in proportion to its price. The investor for income is in good company. For 16 years — from 1942 through 1957 — the common-stock dividends paid out by companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange showed […]

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Your Salary and Investment Potential

August 28, 2009

Among outsiders you can hear it said that stock ownership is a rich man’s game. The fact is — according to a recent New York Stock Exchange Survey — that almost half of all shareowners are in the $5,000-$10,000 a year income bracket. Regardless of your salary or income level, investment is possible if three […]

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Insider Hint: It’s Not Rocket Science

August 24, 2009

When the Suez Canal was closed, stocks of companies obtaining appreciable amounts of oil from the Middle East reacted adversely, while domestic oils advanced, anticipating a greater demand on their production. The President, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and all the attendant government agencies, bureaus, and committees can take action influencing the prospects for companies […]

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Personal Opinion and Financial Decisions

August 21, 2009

As recently as September 1955, when the market plummeted nearly 32 points for a loss of $14 billion in values on the news of President Eisenhower’s heart attack, we had dramatic evidence that the market does not have absolute control of its nerves. And, by contrast, in December 1957, the market recovered in a few […]

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Inside the Exchange: Chaos on the Floor

August 19, 2009

The exchange floor is littered with ticker tape, note paper, etc. Only brokers may trade. The highest price ever paid for a seat, at the 1929 crest, was $625,000. Members pay an initiation fee, annual dues, and 1 percent of net commissions from trades made on the floor.

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Buying Stock By Dividend

August 17, 2009

As a general rule, the dividend and yield will be positive if the stock is soundly priced as compared to the prevailing market. At the end of 1957, a composite of all 992 dividend-paying stocks on the New York Stock Exchange had a market price of $42.02 and a dividend of $2.56, resulting in a […]

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Discretionary Income

August 14, 2009

Consumer credit, which in the past has expanded dangerously beyond people’s ability to pay, has reached astronomic heights with an astonishingly low percentage of defaults.

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Top 8 Trading Resource Websites.

August 12, 2009

1. If You Can Copy And Paste, Then You Have What It Takes To Quickly And Easily Master Metastock And Identify Profitable Trading Opportunities— Once You Know My Secrets. 2. Yes You Can Design Part Time Trading Plans That Make Money! 3. You can be wrong 50% of the time and still […]

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Common Stocks A-Z

August 10, 2009

Originally all common stock had a stated or “par” value, based upon the premise that this represented the actual funds paid into the company treasury; actually, few stocks sell at their par value figure, the price depending entirely upon the net asset value and the ability of the company to show consistent earnings and dividends.

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The Protective Services Of United States Savings Bonds

August 7, 2009

United States Savings Bonds were first offered in March, 1935, and later were designed as a venture for excess savings during World War II. Savings bonds such as these offer the investor certain very valuable features.

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