September 2009

Attractive Government Bonds

September 30, 2009

Municipal bonds are those issued by states, cities and public agencies. The purposes of municipal bonds are familiar to every citizen. States issue bonds for highway construction, veterans’ pensions, institutional building, and conservation programs, to name just a few.

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Benefits Of A Monthly Investment Plan

September 28, 2009

One of the simplest, most effective, and most popular methods of buying stock is to start a Monthly Investment Plan, or MIP. Instead of having the price of the stock desired determine the amount of money that must be invested, MIP permits the amount of money available for investment to determine the amount of stock […]

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Tips For Investment Club Members

September 25, 2009

If the investment club strikes you as an ideal answer to your needs and requirements, there are some additional tips to consider. Do not attempt to form a club until you have investigated its status under Federal, state, and local laws. The Association of Stock Exchange Firms is attempting to win passage for a model […]

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Seeing Your Investment Personality

September 21, 2009

Your investment goals are necessarily a reflection of your temperament and personality and should be taken into consideration when considering investment options. Are your investment goals — and you — realistic? An overly cautious or conservative temperament may well react too slowly to changing conditions in the market, and thus miss out on opportunities.

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Investment Exchanges: Operation Safety Patrol

September 18, 2009

Is the market safe? This question, still asked and still wondered about, assumes that there is something inherently perilous about a stock exchange. An exchange is simply an agency, a market where buyers and sellers can meet — through their brokers — to complete a transaction.

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Considering Your Investment Demographic

September 16, 2009

Your age, the state of your health, the number of dependents you support, the kind of job you have, whether you are a man or a woman, what kind of goals you have set for yourself — all these, and more, are demographic factors which will bear on your decision about whether to invest.

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The Inner Workings Of Investment Clubs

September 14, 2009

Like other clubs, investment clubs ordinarily meet once a month. Meeting less frequently than that slows activity to an unsatisfactory pace, more frequently places a greater demand on the members’ time than most are willing to sacrifice. Some clubs set the ante as high as $100 per month. The average club investment is about $260 […]

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A Peek Inside “Members-Only” Investment Clubs

September 11, 2009

No concerted organizational or promotional effort has created these clubs. In outline, a club’s members meet regularly, contribute funds equally, study investment possibilities carefully, and agree jointly on shares to be purchased or sold.

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Analyzing Data Before You Invest

September 7, 2009

Essentially, it is an effort to predict a company’s potential earning power and, hence, the present value of its stock as an investment. The investment analyst’s raw materials are statistics. He studies earnings reports, balance sheets, stock-market records, and the various ratios that can be derived from them. He considers the company’s long-term debt schedule, […]

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Opening An Investment Account

September 4, 2009

Opening an investment account is rather like opening a charge account at a department store. There are several kinds of accounts available to you. The basic one is the cash account, which establishes you as a bona fide customer able to buy or sell. Joint accounts may be opened by a husband and wife. Margin […]

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