A Look Back at the Motion Picture Investment Comeback

by David Jenyns on February 6, 2009

It is due more to the strong earnings comeback in their basic operations of motion picture production.

“When combined with tremendous fixed studio overhead and rising labor and promotion costs, it was a period of difficult times, falling profits, and declining investment status for the motion picture industry.”

What, then, are the factors that have contributed to the current resurgence of motion picture stocks? The industry has upgraded its product both by reducing the number of second-rate pictures and by concentrating on fewer but much costlier pictures (the so-called blockbuster type) to counteract audience decline

A blockbuster is a picture based upon a well-known literary or dramatic property with a star-studded cast. The motion picture industry appears to have been very successful in luring moviegoers back to theaters by what they called “better-than-ever” movies made with ever-increasing innovations such as stereophonic sound, Cinemascope, Cinerama, Todd AO, etc.

The fastest growing age bracket is the group under 30, which constitutes more than 70 percent of movie patronage. The earnings comeback of movie shares is indeed impressive. Hollywood still holds its allure, for entertainment fans and investors alike.

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