Anyone knows a good, proven day trading system or day trading robot?

by David Jenyns on December 25, 2011

Question by Brian A: Anyone knows a good, proven day trading system or day trading robot?
I want to start day trading soon, either using a system that is working fine or a day trading robot. Thanks.

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Answer by Mark K

I am an experience trader. In my opinion, trading somebody else’s system is fine but you gotta ensure that it suits your style. Trading has a lot to do with psychology and psychology is reflected in the system. For instance, what stop losses can you take.
In this regards, it is critical that you define money management rules and that you stick to them under all circumstances. Like I hinted, get ready mentally. And finally practice. A lot. Use demo accounts.
Have a look at my system:

For a day trading robot and thus a more laid back approach, I recommend
I don’t know any other day trading robot on the market that performs as well. Nothing even close.



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