Appraising Science Investments

by David Jenyns on April 2, 2009

An important way to reduce technology investment risks is to buy and hold a cross section of young, imaginative science companies—each a leader in its chosen field. A free source for science investment opportunities is Harris, Upham & Co.’s well-researched Science and Securities which is a “Review of Scientific Developments for Today’s Investor.”

For investors who are willing to spend more time in seeking out promising young companies in the various embryonic fields of science and technology, the field to be covered is virtually unlimited, for every scientific, technical, business or trade publication or even daily newspaper might contain some information of interest to investors.

As guidance for checking out science investment, you would do well to study the six guideposts which are followed by a blue ribbon science venture capital firm called Draper, Gaither & Anderson which operates in the twilight zone between investment banking and commercial banking with primary interest in budding technological fields.

Investing in the future of the constantly growing science field often makes good financial sense.

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