Armored And Non-Armored ATM Machines: Vital Pointers

by David Jenyns on October 13, 2011

The automated teller machines (ATMs) that we have all around us have made banking convenient. They can be put in a number of businesses, indoor as well as outdoor. Based on placement and also the type of atm machines you opt for, they’re separated into armored and non-armored.

The primary differences between the two are:

• Armored machines are replenished by staff work in teams. The machine is strong and rigged to stand up to an attack of any sort.

• Non-armored ones are lighter versions that are placed in areas that don’t need an extravagant amount of security.

Again, depending on the type of atm machine used, the places they are positioned in vary.

• Armored ATM machines are largely used outdoors. They are especially in entertainment based areas like malls, etc. You’ll also find them at outdoor concert arenas, fairs and also large events.

• Unarmored automated teller machines are utilized in indoor points where individuals are not allowed after the establishment has closed for the day. They are in places like movie theaters or nightclubs and also some restaurants and pubs.

Profiting from your ATM

The advantages of ATMs are plenty, especially for businesses. The profit you make will be directly dependent on how many people who enter your premises. For every cash withdrawal that is made with the atm, you receive a surcharge amount in your name. The average surcharge is $2.25 and this also can add up to a significant amount if you are located in a public arena like a mall, or a shopping arcade. Studies have shown that people who see an atm machine are highly likely to make a withdrawal from it.

Why professional ATM services?

If you’re looking at making use of ATMs to improve your business, you’ll have to approach professional atm service providers in order to get the best value for your investment. They can assist you in several ways.

Cash replenishment: You’ll be able to get pros who are very well versed with all of the kinds of atm models. You’ll also be able to refill your atm frequently. Some agencies will also offer you emergency reloading options that can be very useful on a particularly busy weekend.

Picking up and processing: The pickup of deposits is likewise important and one will require a professional service to do this accurately. Choosing from those agencies that employ the most up-to-date technology to get this task done would be a great idea.

Maintenance: An ATM is a machine after all and definitely will require regular maintenance. An atm services agency will ensure that the best quality maintenance is given to you. Should their main service center not be readily available to you, they will ensure that they refer you to a good local service that can maintain your ATMs.

A professional ATM vendor will be able to provide you with all of these services and ensure that they’re carried out well.


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