AUG 2: A Look at Free Online Stock Trading Information

by David Jenyns on August 1, 2006

AUG 2: A Look at Free Online Stock Trading Information

Online stock trading has been big business for some time now. It`s amazing what you can do before you even get out of bed. If you have never traded stocks online, you should do your homework first and learn everything you can. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can find free online stock trading information. is a great source for free online stock trading information. Just go to their website, click on money and then click on investing. Then click on stocks. Now, for the fun part. If you know your stock symbol, type it in the symbol box. If you don`t know the symbol you can look it up by different criteria. Just click on find symbol. Once you have input that information, you get a lot of free online stock trading information on your stock.

The stock I`m playing around with is Imation. They sell computer storage supplies like blank CDs and DVDs as well as other storage items. The first thing that catches my attention is whether my stock is up or down. Today, it is down and the amount is in red. On the days when it has gone up, that amount is in green. I like green days. Now, I`m no expert as I`m still learning about online stock trading but there are certain parts of the free online stock trading information at that I like to look at.

The stock Scouter rating is at the bottom of the stock information box. Click on that and you will get even more information on your stock. Ten is the best rating and my Imation stock is rated at eight. The quick summary lists some pros and cons. Mine talks about earnings growth and lets me know that an executive of the company recently purchased some Imation stock. That`s always a good sign.

Underneath the quick summary box is the short term outlook. This is basically just a prediction of how they think the stock will perform in the short run. I like the box to the right with the heading Expected Risk/Return. It has the words “Risk”, “Return” and then “Low and high.” My eye always goes straight to “Return” to see how long the color bar is. Mine is almost all the way to high so even though my stock is down right now, I`m still sitting at an 8 and it still looks good.

Look all the way to the left in the blue section where it says insider trading. Now the first time I clicked on this I thought I was going to read about illegal insider trading but when you click on this you`ll see a list of what the executives at your company have been doing, if anything with their shares of stock. In my case, there has been 2 very recent executive purchases of Imation stock. Here it will list whether the executives are buying or selling, how many shares, and at what price. I like it when they`re buying.

The site I trade on doesn`t have near as much information as MSN does so I like to go there for my stock information but there are many sites online that will give you free online stock trading information. It`s a fun little hobby for me.

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