AUG 22: Online Simulation Stock Trading

by David Jenyns on August 22, 2006

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Did you know you can play an online simulation stock trading game in order to learn how to trade stocks? It doesn’t cost t any money and the idea is to let you learn all about the stock market without losing any of your money.

Some sites charge for their stock simulators but you can play a Fantasy Stock Market game at for free. Not only can you play for free but a new game begins every month and the winner gets a Sharebuilder investment starter kit. You get to start with $10,000 of fantasy money.

Some of the online simulation stock trading fantasy game features include tips for beginners, stock quotes, and various investment strategies. While it is geared to young people, there does not seem to be an age restriction as to who can sign up.

When you play an online simulation stock trading game, the idea is to act as if you were trading with real money. You don’t want to take wild chances because it is play money, rather you want to treat the fantasy money as if were your own and rather you win or lose you will learn a lesson that can be applied to real money once the game is over.

Online simulation stock trading games such as the aforementioned one have become a big hit on college campuses as a way for the professor to illustrate in a very real sense how the stock market plays out. There have been contests sponsored by television stations and large corporations that either paid the winner a large cash prize or set the winner up with a stock trading account from which to make real trades.

There are some online simulation stock trading websites that charge a fee for these games. Some are geared toward the college student and is paid for along with their student fees. The student is then given a password to the site and allowed to make “mock” trades and eventually graded based on the amount of money left in the mock account or based on the logistics behind the stock picks or on other criteria.

For someone who wants to get involved in the stock market online, an online simulation stock trading game is a great teacher. Without having to risk any of his own money, the student can learn how to trade stocks online and which stocks to watch out for. It is a rather painless introduction to the stock market for the young person just starting out.

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