Aug 4: Free Online Student Stock Trading Lessons

by David Jenyns on August 4, 2006

There are hundreds of websites that offer stock trading lessons for a price. It’s not easy to find many that offer them for free. Usually though, you can at least get one free online student stock trading lesson as a demo. At least this way you can try before you buy in a sense.

Try Before You Buy offers such a demo. This one is geared toward the Day Trader so that would be a factor in deciding if you wanted to try this particular free online student stock trading lesson. I like it because of the graphics. It is a video that shows the market ticker and highlights stocks as the lesson is being narrated. Anyway, by being able to view the demo you get a chance to know whether or not you would be interested enough to purchase the lessons.

One thing to watch out for when you do manage to find free online student stock trading lessons: If a particular stock is being pushed you may be getting your “free lesson” from the very company selling the stock. Any objective stock trading lessons will not single out one stock or one kind of stock but present a well-rounded market analysis.


There is an online trading academy that while it charges tuition, rebates the tuition when you open an account at one of their affiliated brokerage houses. For me, this is a little too close for comfort. I don’t think I want to take stock trading lessons from someone who is trying to get my business just because I want everything I learn to be presented objectively and this one just doesn’t feel right to me.

That would be like taking free online student stock trading lessons from Sharebuilder and then opening an account with them. I did open an account with Sharebuilder and as presented in the initial agreement, they earned commissions based on my trades. However, they did not offer and I did not accept any free online student stock trading lessons from them.

Actually, I think the best lessons can be found in the free tools that many websites like MSN money provides because with the right tools you can be the one to choose which stocks are best to trade given your specific set of circumstances. You can learn to analyze company stock worthiness and you can analyze past data and get a picture of what the future might look like for any given company.

Stock market trading is exciting and potentially lucrative for some. As with any venture involving monetary consideration, perhaps the key to success lies with learning everything you can. I’d rather figure out on my own that XYZ Company is looking good for the future because they make peacetime pelicans and after the war is over, everybody will be putting these pelicans in their yards.

In this case, it would be important to know if the war is about to be over or if it might go on for some time. This makes far more sense to me than buying stock in peacetime pelicans because a “stock tip” said to buy stock in peacetime pelicans. While it may not be advertised or written in stone when the war will end, if we needed to make such a prediction, we could assess all the data ourselves and then see whether or not we believe the war is about to end.

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