Basic, Everyday Good Stock Market Tips

by David Jenyns on March 10, 2008

I questioned a number of brokers and investment bankers about GE. It might change very quickly, but until it did I determined to buy other good stocks.

You cannot hope to buy at the bottom and sell at the top.

Buy just after a good stock has demonstrated its willingness to rise for a few weeks, and sell after about two weeks of decline.

The most foolish piece of philosophizing that an investor can engage in is to say to himself, “I don’t need to worry about the declining trend in the price of my good stock. A person could have sold early in the decline and bought early in the rise. My wife, being as good an analyst as I, if not a little better through “intuition,” hit the low point and advised buying at that point. Worry only about the trend of your good stock and the trend of the market.

Too many investors get caught up in the “buy low, sell high” mentality.

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