Listen To Master Trader Bill Poulos In This Rare Interview

by David Jenyns on January 25, 2011

bill poulos

If you haven’t already heard about Bill Poulos by now, you should. Download this interview by clicking here.  Bill Poulos and his ‘computer genius’ son, Greg, created the groundbreaking trading courses, Instant Profits & The Super Divergence Blueprint.

I know from experience that because of his insanely busy schedule, it’s nearly impossible to get Bill on the telephone for a private chat.

Well, after several attempts, trader Norman Hallett was finally able to get through to Bill Poulos and got Bill to agree to do an interview. In fact, this is the ONLY telephone interview Bill has EVER DONE. However, Bill made Norman promise that the interview would be hard-hitting, pertinent and quick. He didn’t want to waste time with chit-chat and B.S.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Previously only available to Norman Hallett’s private clients, this quick-paced, 15-minute interview gets you inside the mind of trader Bill Poulos. In it, you’ll learn…

** A bit about his trading background and why he developed his groundbreaking trading courses…

** Who Bill’s secret ‘computer genius’ is and just what exactly he did to make Instant Profits and the Super Divergence Blueprint a reality…

** A broad overview of the trading methodology behind Instant Profits and its companion method, the Super Divergence Blueprint…

Due to bandwidth limits, and because I know the demand for this download will be intense, this exclusive, 15 minute recording will only be available online for the next 72 hours, so you need to grab your copy NOW.

It’s a quick download (less than 1 MB in size), so you can listen to the interview almost instantly. Go to the link below to grab it NOW. Click here for more information.

Hurry over to the link below to grab your FREE copy of Norman Hallett’s 15-minute insightful interview with trader Bill Poulos. Download this interview now.


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