Bonuses To The Holders With Technical Analysis Futures

by David Jenyns on March 29, 2007

Bonuses To The Holders With Technical Analysis Futures
At the beginning of December, when I saw that UNIVERSAL CONTROLS was behaving correctly, I recommended the technical analysis futures to my secretary. I told him to buy it at 31 & three quarters. I said: If the technical analysis futures go below 30 take a loss and sell it, otherwise hold it for a big rise. If you have to take a loss I will cover it. It so happened that his father was an old-fashioned, pure fundamentalist and when he heard what I had suggested, he told his son not to be such a fool. His argument was: What was the point of buying technical analysis futures if it might go down? He reckoned you should only buy technical analysis futures that was sure to rise – as if anyone could be sure. He also said he wanted to examine the books of the company to see if it was in good condition.


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