Cairie Lane Video Review # 1

by David Jenyns on June 6, 2008

Video review of "The Theory of Momentum Indicators and Lane’s Stochastic"

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Rating: 3/5

In a recent worldwide survey, Lane’s Stochastics ranked among the most frequently used of all the technical studies available. George covers the theory of momentum indicators in depth.

He focuses specifically on Stochastics — how it works, its weaknesses and strengths. George teaches you to use and understand the studies he feels every trader should know and which even experienced traders often overlook or misuse. George’s many years of active trading experience support his keen insights into the market. One experienced trader was heard to remark, “I would rather spend one day with George than one year on the exchange floor trying to learn.” George is an able teacher as well as a master technician, and he expertly addresses the questions of both novice and advanced students.

To watch this video visit InoTv


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