Cashing In On Your Growth Stock

by David Jenyns on November 21, 2008

When people think “growth stock,” money signs appear before their eyes. You are more likely to lose money if you insist on not buying stocks until good news is officially confirmed. That’s why the Wall Street adage says “Sell on good news.”

Why do professionals sell on good news? “Many other people (mostly non-professional) will jump in to buy the stock on the good news and they will sell out at a good price…Then, if they and others sell stocks when the good news is official, the price of the stock may dip.”

For the overwhelming majority of stocks, however, the opportunities provided by market swings are too frequent to pass up. This creates excellent opportunities to buy favored issues or switch into them from issues you want to get rid of. Though it may entail a small loss, plus brokers’ commissions, good stocks bounce back fast during a market rally, which would more than cover the loss suffered in the wrong situation.

So watch your carefully picked stocks closely and follow their swings, particularly in a general sell-off when people are panicked into indiscriminate selling, which should create beautiful opportunities for buying your favorites!

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