Earning Your Profits In Accessory Equipment

by David Jenyns on November 7, 2008

While the computer market is large, the market for its related equipment is even larger. An exciting brand of accessory equipment is the thin-film memory field which appears to represent a climax for stored-program computers. A stored-program computer is an electronic computer with an internal storage system processing an entire program rather than individual bits of information.

Early computers used punched cards or paper tape to feed information into the system. The use of tape has considerably improved the ability to store information within the computer memory unit.

The data-storage device employs revolving disks as the storage medium. Remington Rand Univac disclosed its work on the thin film memories at the prompting of the New York Stock Exchange, after Sperry Rand shares had risen sharply on heavy volume.

Close on Sperry’s heels, Minneapolis-Honeywell announced the development of a thin-film memory device for its computers. Thin-film memories use a deposit of metal dots on thin glass film to store data. “Anelex is a specialist with strong possibilities for exceeding the records of its industry.

Early investors in the accessory equipment industry have retired as very wealthy individuals.

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