Editorial Process

Editorial Process

Publish your news / articles / reviews / white papers. We are always on the lookout for quality news, reviews, articles, white papers and stories on trading.

All accepted articles will be subject to editorial revisions for clarity, punctuation, syntax and conformity to style. Wherever possible, the author(s) will be fully involved in the editorial process, although the final decision lies with the editor. Proofs of the article will be sent to corresponding authors prior to publication.

Review Process

The flow of a typical article, from author to publication:

  • An author is contacted by an editor to write an article, or
  • An author submits an article to an editor by electronic mail. The paper is forwarded by electronic mail to the Editorial Office in Melbourne.
  • The Editorial Office starts the peer–review process by forwarding the article to System Trading Blog editors and reviewers by electronic mail.
  • Comments on the article are received in the Editorial Office and the author is asked to complete a revision.
  • The revised paper is reviewed and accepted for publication.
  • A proof version of an upcoming issue is prepared; authors and editors review the contents and make corrections as necessary.
  • The article is published on the System Trading Blog website.

Work Presentation

Microsoft Word is the preferred word-processing program. If you are unable to provide the article in Microsoft Word, please provide the article as a plain text file with no formatting information.

Articles should be submitted using the following format:

Title Page

Include the title of the article; the full name, professional title, highest professional and academic qualifications of each author; the email address of the author responsible for correspondence.


Include up to six keywords relevant to your article.


Use headings within the text to make it easier to read and understand. Subdivide the text into main sections with subheadings. Keep these short, succinct, and similar in sense and style.


All articles should be written in plain English, free from jargon and the writing be clear and direct. All spelling will be in English (use `s’ spellings, e.g. minimize). Abbreviations should be kept to a minimum and shown in full when first used.

Tables, Illustrations and Photographs

These are welcome where they add emphasis, clarity and/or interest to articles and should be clearly labeled, with relevant captions. The text should indicate where they are to be placed.

Illustrations can be accepted as line drawings, mono or colored or as photographs or slides (do not send glass mounted slides/transparencies), but must be of a high quality. Do not send originals. Digital files can be used, but must be saved as .tif or .jpeg files and be at least 1200 pixels wide or 300 dpi at 9 cm wide.


The author may acknowledge substantive contributions to the article to mark the receipt of financial assistance, materials and other resources. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission from all supporting agencies.


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