Education And Publishing: The New Investment Glamour Boy

by David Jenyns on December 12, 2008

Education has indeed become the country’s biggest industry— bigger even than any of the industries which function primarily to feed, clothe and house us.

Two fields have benefited most from this boom in education; book publishing and programmed learning. Let’s examine publishing first.

“Suddenly to find Wall Street tycoons embracing us and waving certified checks in our faces.” When he said this, Mr. Cerf was speaking for the whole industry.

For years Wall Street regarded the publishing business with skepticism. But publishers think that as Americans have more and more time for leisure, books should have more share in their ever- increasing leisure time.

Maybe even Charles Van Doren had something to do with the sudden outburst of interest in reading. As an actor, Van Doren was certainly superb in his lonely booth. In 1959 elementary and high school enrollment totaled 41 million. By 1966, sales of elementary school, high school and college books are expected to rise 60, 80 and 170 percent, respectively.

While the lingo in this historical article might not be relevant today, the growth of educational publishing continues.

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