Existing To Serve – And Investing In The Services

by David Jenyns on November 19, 2008

There are all kinds of services created to meet the needs of other businesses and many of them are good investments. This historical piece offers some intriguing insight into past success stories that might help you decide if service businesses are a good investment today.

Manpower, Inc., is now the world’s leading temporary-help service organization, serving 66,000 employers including 98 of the 100 largest corporations. This subsidiary could, in time, rival the parent company in revenues.

The name Dun & Bradstreet has literally become a synonym for business credit information. It is the best known among business companies and is expected to stay in its solid position despite heavy competition.

Another well-known service is that of A. C. Nielson. The Armed Forces needed a new “service” to help interpret the increasing technical complexities of weapons systems. Leading the field is Walter E. Heller & Company. It is based on the expanding business population with the resultant increasing requirements for working capital funds. The business service field is virtually unlimited. With an anticipated continued strong demand for business services the shares of companies dominant in their respective fields should provide above average, long-term opportunities for capital appreciation.

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