False Optimism: The Financial Slippery Slope

by David Jenyns on June 2, 2008

Some people still “invest” in gold bricks, falling for ancient tricks. People do not talk freely about their experiences with investing. The superficial simplicity of investing fools people who in other respects are well informed. This habit of a buyer’s expecting a seller to attract his attention works fine, up to a point. Once an article of mediocre quality gets established as standard, then an item of higher quality has trouble in gaining attention.

In the invested interest field, buyers follow the same easy habits as in their other purchases. For instance, more people hold life-insurance policies than any other form of invested interest largely because for scores of years the life-insurance companies have had so many agents scouring the woods for customers.

Before making any kind of invested interest, do yourself a favor and research the firm, company or stock in which you plan to place your money.

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