Feb 2: Top Four Traits of a Successful Forex Market Trader

by David Jenyns on February 2, 2007

Forex trading on the internet is the quickest way to use your investment capital to its maximum. The foreign exchange markets can offer certain advantages to the smaller and larger traders, thus making the foreign exchange currency trading more preferable than the other markets such as stocks, options and all of the traditional futures. Here are some of the top reasons why you will want to use the forex trading on the internet, in order to become a more successful forex market trader.

1. Forex is the largest market, trading at a volume of almost two billion, giving forex traders virtually unlimited flexibility and liquidity. That’s over three times larger than the equity market and over five times larger than futures.

2. Forex trading can fit into anyone’s schedule because it is available on the internet 25 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no waiting for markets to open; they are always open day in and day out. This flexible schedule makes the forex market extremely attractive to those professional and potential traders and investors.

3. Forex trading on the internet encompasses buying one currency while simultaneously selling another currency; therefore you have an equal opportunity to make a profit no matter what direction the currencies are heading. Another great advantage to consider is that there are currently only fourteen pairs of currencies to trade. Compare those fourteen currencies to the thousands of stocks, options and futures when you’re considering the pros and cons of delving into the trading game.

4. Investors and traders are flocking to the forex internet trading as a way to gain a higher leverage to their investments. Some brokers even offer margin ratios of 200/1 in open forex trading accounts. There are also those mini-forex accounts that can be opened for a minimum of $200, offering a margin of 0.5%, where $50 in trading capital will control a ten thousand unit currency position.

The forex prices are often predictable, allowing the currency prices to create trends that can be followed to allow the technically trained forex trader to able to spot, and even take advantage of, the many entry and exit points. One of the best parts about forex trading on the internet is that there is no charges for commissions, any exchange fees or any other hidden fees. The forex market is a very easy market to research the countries and currencies involved. The only fees come from the forex brokers, who only make a very small percentage of what the bid/ask price is. Plus, there is no need to calculate any commissions or fees when completing a trade and your transactions are made a confirmed within seconds. Also because this is all done electronically, with no people involved, there is not much that can slow you down.

For the newbie’s in the forex trading game, you will need to know the forex terminology. Here is a list of some basic terms and concepts you will need to know in forex trading:

Spot Market- The market for buying and selling currencies that are usually for settlement within 2 business days, also known as the value date. For example: USD/CAD = 1 day.

Exchange Rate- This is when the value of one currency is expressed in the terms of another. For instance, the EUR/USD has an exchange rate of 1.3200, and then 1 Euro is worth 1.3200 USD.

Currency Pair- All currencies must be sold in pairs. There are two currency’s that make up an exchange rate, so when one currency is bought, the other is simultaneously sold and vise versa.

Base Currency- This is the first currency in a pair.

Counter Currency- This is the second currency used in a pair. The counter currency can also be known as the “terms” currency.

Broker- This is a firm that will match a buyer to a seller for a small fee or commission.

Sell Quote- This quote is normally displayed on the left side and represents the price that you can sell the base currency for. The sell quote is also referred to as the “bid” price. For instance: EUR/USD quotes 1.3200/03, and then you can sell one Euro for 1.3203 USD.

Buy Quote- This quote is normally displayed on the right side and represents the price that you can buy the base currency for. The buy quote is also referred to as the “ask” or “offer” price. For instance, EUR/USD quotes 1.3200/03, and then you can buy one Euro for 1.3203 USD.

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