Forex Robot World Cup (#1 Ranked EA At 194.24%)

by David Jenyns on January 28, 2010

Have you noticed just how many new trading robots are coming onto the market? They are generally called EAs or expert advisors. One day they are here… the next they are gone… all hype – all B.S.

It just seems that every time I open my e-mail there’s a new EA being launched. What I also noticed is that they all have names that belong in comic books! Not only do most of them not work but it’s becoming more and more apparent that this new bunch of EAs are really just a marketing exercise.

This is VERY annoying because EAs are probably the future of our profession. Not only that, they allow people with full-time jobs to take part in the market and a good EA can produce much higher results than just about any traditional Forex trading method.

This is one of the main reasons why I have been following The Forex Robot World Cup… the biggest and most important INDEPENDENT FX robot developers competition… real money – live trading!

I wanted to see if these guys were the real McCoy. I wanted to make sure they were transparent. Actually, let me rephrase that, I was hoping that these guys were real because there’s really no one in this market prepared to stick their neck out and lay it all on the line.

You can check out their website here (soon the robots will be available for sale):

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All I want you to do is go along to the Forex Robot World Cup website and check them out. I want you to see how it “should be done” when you buy an EA. I want you to see what real transparency looks like.

I want you to see that robots sometimes DO lose but also can WIN big time if really good:

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It’s almost like these guys read my mind. They were obviously fed up with the state of the market too. They decided to take a very brave step by offering $150,000 in prize money to anyone who could produce an EA that was good enough to compete in the FRWC based on their tough qualification rules.

They had over 300 entrants to the competition. That may seem a lot but, again, let me assure you that their rules were so strict that thousands of would-be pretenders couldn’t even qualify. And yes, as you can see on their website, only 24 robots qualified to participate in the live, real money trading phase.

Simply put… they have taken this whole EA thing to a new level!

Now… not only did they agree to pay out a fortune in prize money to the winners, they also put their own money into the top 24 EAs. They opened live accounts and put $1,000 in a dedicated account for each EA.

This is where it gets interesting…

The FRWC contracted some of the worlds top programmers to make it possible for you to see the statements and every trade made LIVE, updated every 15 minutes! Good or bad, you get to see exactly how each EA performs…

Nearly everyone in the EA community knows of this competition and it’s being followed very closely. This will be the first time that the general public will have access to this type of transparency and product quality. The competition finishes this Friday so now is the time to go see the live results!

Everyone has a favorite, and I’m just like everyone else – I like the LMD and HiRider EAs. They are presently sitting at positions one and two.

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