by David Jenyns on May 8, 2011

Question by jay_zee: forex……?
i am a beginner and i work with fx solution
i got a question about that:
in the fx solution when i put a limit and stopless, and when the candle arrive to that point, it close my trade with no alarm.
is there any option to set any alarm when it close?

thank you

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Answer by Winston H
Hey man, Fx Solution is not a good idea to start with for a beginner. This is the best place to start forex Anything to need to know, is there. Very useful resource. And if you’d like to take your forex trading turn to autopilot, here’s something you might be interested in

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Alice May 8, 2011 at 11:31 am


Here is the tutorial explaining all about forex techniques and limit / stop orders. Kindly go through it. it contains the methods where to put stop loss or limit orders.

I am using this site for my studies as well.

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