Going After Safe Securities

by David Jenyns on December 15, 2008

Closely allied with insurance stocks, which are fairly safe investments, are bank stocks, which share many of the same characteristics with insurance stocks. Higher interest rates mean more income while lower rates mean more business. As a group, growth prospects for the electric utility industry seem very favorable. Population growth, coupled with automation of industry, the home and the farm, are compounding the increase in use.

The electricity industry is aggressively exploring new major markets such as the introduction in Connecticut of electrically heated homes on a mass basis.

“Climate control” in the home offers another vast potential market for electric energy because presently only 1 per cent or so of the 50 million homes in the United States have central heating and cooling systems. Even a modest rise in that percentage would mean substantial growth for the electric-utility industry. This growth would assume a stupendous proportion if the industry should succeed in extending “climate control” to industries on a major scale.

You must have heard video’s charming Julia Mead unrelentingly pleading for “Heating with Gas.” Among the more attractive gas equities is Suburban Gas, which was the first LP-gas distributor to enjoy a New York Stock Exchange listing.

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