Government Bonds: Still a Safe Bet

by David Jenyns on July 7, 2008

Among bonds, only the U.S. savings bonds are strictly fixed-dollar, meaning that an owner can surrender them at any time at a price known in advance. On other bonds, including U. S. Treasury bonds, the issuing government or corporation has no responsibility for redeeming, until the maturity date arrives. A bond-issuing organization may have a high credit standing, but one of its bonds may still be quite difficult to sell, because no one happens to want to buy that specific bond. Probably the simplest way to judge whether a bond is readily saleable is to see if its price appears frequently in one of the metropolitan newspapers that print prices daily on hundreds of bonds.

Contact between bond seller and purchaser is usually made through a stock dealer or broker. A deposit in a bank or savings institution can usually be cashed with no difficulty. Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation.

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