Growth Stocks: Stats, Managers And Research

by David Jenyns on January 2, 2009

As you’re getting your feet wet in the vast lake of growth stocks, you need to look at and understand statistics, pay attention to management and look for companies that are committed to research. Today, however, security analysts speak of management caliber, quality of research and other intangibles that are not measurable in dollars and cents.

Geophysics Corporation of America “went public” in 1960 at $14 per share. The fact that Mr. Rockefeller is Geophysics’ largest individual stockholder made some “venture” investors more willing to pay $50 per share; it seemed immaterial to them that Mr. Rockefeller had paid only $2.62. For instance, on a trip to Chicago in July 1961, an analyst visited not only Max Swiren, president and board chairman of MSL Industries, but also Arnold Meyer and Norman Sackheim, presidents of MSL’s Universal Screw division and Heads & Threads division respectively.

Despite the “inexplicit” nature of management caliber, you can gain a good insight into it from a careful study of the company’s income accounts and balance sheets. In addition to backing and management caliber, another major inexplicit which has weighed heavily with the market in evaluating growth stocks is research caliber. This is particularly true of companies operating in scientific and technological fields.

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