Home Tips From Payday Loans: Ways To Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer This Cold Season

by David Jenyns on August 8, 2011

With the absence of brilliant and lively hues to animate the things in your room, your winter at home can be as dreary and bleak as the dark and cold surroundings outside. Therefore, it is a must to put flowers in a vase just to uplift your spirit and give a streak of colors in your gloomy room. Never mind that some flower varieties can be expensive during winter. Consider the price of using online payday loans when know the joy and lightness they will bring, and how that can affect your mood for the better. Therefore even if you have to use either some cash payday loans or scrape a little from your home budget, do so just for the purpose of making your winter days brighter and more vibrant.

Unfortunately, no flower can survive so long with a terribly cold temperature. You don’t want to waste your cash payday loans for flowers that won’t last as long as you need them to. Therefore, here are some tips you can do to ensure you get a long lasting bouquet for the wintry days.

Aspirin. Worry not about headaches, and yes, wilting flowers. A bit of crushed aspirin in the cold water and your flowers can last several days without a hint of evanescing color and life. But if you can’t find an aspirin in your cabinet right now, there’s an alternative which employs the use of brown sugar or a pinch or salt and baking soda.

Lose change. Some people swear by adding a copper penny at the bottom of the vase when trying to preserve the freshness of flowers longer. So if you have piles of copper coins, you don’t have to worry anymore at all. all you have to do is drop a coin in the water, plus a teaspoon of sugar at the bottom of the vase and your flowers will last for days.

Sour water. If you love lemonade or vinegar for that matter then know that a combination of these and water will make your flowers last longer. If you go by the vinegar-water route, use apple cider vinegar specifically and combine 2 tablespoons of it with 2 tablespoons of sugar.

Vodka. You are in luck if you often keep clear spirit alcohols in your pantry as you can use it for preserving the freshness of your flowers. Vodka, or any clear spirit for that matter, can reduce the formation of bacteria in the water, and too many bacteria can cause the rapid death of your fresh blooms. But in this case, it’s the flowers.

Change water. All of these methods though won’t be as effective because, it would be futile with a dirty water. Change the water every few days.

A grandly-arranged and pretty bouquet, although may cost you a bit of online payday loans, can cheer you up during the dark and cold days of winter. So don’t hesitate to use cash payday loans is you must. Use the tips above to make your flowers last for many a wintry days.


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