How do we offer finance to our customers?

by David Jenyns on April 1, 2012

Question by Angelina Ballerina: How do we offer finance to our customers?
We are a young business designing and building garden rooms. We lose customers who love our buildings because we don’t provide finance. I’ve googled, but companies offering us finance come up. Is there anyone out there who had done this recently for their business, or are you a company which provides this service.
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Answer by memphisladybrown
Set up a basic credit criteria, in which based on your clients credit score or certain qualifying options that you create, you base your credit line. Ok to make this easier, you could for example use a 90% credit line for clients whose credit score (or other certain criteria because companies sometimes don’t look for a certain score but more or less other items they deem necessary) is 800 or more and it goes down from there…so as if a new client you have has a 500 score you could issue them only a 10% financing line. Second, after you set your standards, go ahead and work out your governing contracts, what is your interest rate (check with other similar companies in the field)? What is your late fee and when are payments about penalties? Boy, that’s enough for now huh!

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