Howard Abell Video Review # 1

by David Jenyns on February 26, 2008

Video review of "The Day Trader’s Advantage Mastering the Psychology & Strategy of Effective Short-Term Trading."

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Rating: 4/5

No short-term trading system is perfect, but having and using a system is critical for trading success. A successful short-term trading system must be profitable, consistent, personal, and must conform to the unique psychological and methodological needs of the individual. It must be guided by an overriding and all-encompassing trading strategy that takes into account the trader’s normal day, inconclusive and often conflicting market information, debilitating emotions, and ambiguous technical indicators.

Howard and Bob discuss the unique psychological and strategic considerations required for effective short-term trading. You will gain a practical understanding of how to develop a successful trading strategy that takes into account both the real-time characteristics of dynamic markets and the psychology of the participants. In addition, Bob and Howard identify the specific psychological barriers that hold most short-term traders back from achieving their goals. They then provide you with specific solutions to these barriers based upon their experience managing their own proprietary trades. Finally, Howard presents his personal trading approach for the first time, demonstrating the technical indicators and analysis he uses on a daily basis.

To watch this video visit InoTv


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