I see you have your esupport site up and running. I saw your posts over on the Kayako board. Can you help me out?

I would be delighted to help you in any way I can to get your esupport site up and running. All I ask in return is to tell others about my bosses websites.

They all merge into one over at his Blog which can be found over here:


I first wanted to explain why I am going through the trouble in doing this. My boss David has extended his kindness to me and so many other people that have an interest in trading in the market, that I feel that it is my duty to extend the same help to others in anyway I can.

NOW THIS IS A LONG EMAIL BUT READ IT OVER CAREFULLY! The first thing you want to do is email your webhosting company and ask them if they have the following installed on their server:

Basic Minimum Requirements:
Apache, IIS or any web server that supports PHP
PHP 4.1.0 or higher
mySQL 3.23 or higher
Zend Optimizer 2.1.0 or higher (Download)

If you have the thumbs up on this one, email me back with your login information and I will just go in and set up everything for you. Since this is a free service, I can only do this after my regular work for David is done.

Slowly step-by-step, I will add to this email so it includes all the information you might need so you can eventually, do all of this yourself.


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