In Disruptive Times Coins Worth Their Weight in Silver

by David Jenyns on August 31, 2011

In financially fun times, there are nearly never any losers. Each bond seems to pay a good dividend and every stock seems to appreciate visibly. The inverse is also correct. When the market is down, none of these common investments appears to make any headway against investor sentiment.

It is in these latter times that prudence demands of the circumspect investor a degree of pliability. The usual investments don't serve. A slightly different point of view must be taken and a different investment choice must be made. Investment-grade coins offer just such an alternative investment.

For the streetwise investor, investment grade coins, and particularly, the American Silver Eagle, are the purchase of preference. Artworks in themselves, these pretty coins provide insurance against inflation and will reduce one’s fears in wearisome times. They are , for many reasons, worth their weight in the familiar gold.

The official silver bullion of the US, an American Silver Eagle is made up of one troy oz of 99.9% silver plus some trace elements. Pure stockholders will only wish to pay the price for the base metal but numismatists will prefer the various first strikes, proofs and uncirculated kinds and will willingly pay a premium for these variations. The choice belongs to the financier all taken with all, the healthy requirement for these coins makes for a powerful and intensely liquid market.

For a stockholder looking to broaden out of the usual portfolio of stocks, bonds and hedge funds, investment-grade bullion coins are a noticeable choice. Not only do they supply an excellent investment return, but the physical possession of them grants a certain peace of mind that can't be obtained with any stock certificate or yearly financial statement. Analyze these thought provoking and intrinsically valuable coins. They demand a rethinking of one’s portfolio. The provident financier is sensible to consider the possibilities offered by this glorious investment vehicle.

Thomas Bradford favors silver and especially American Silver Eagles. If your looking to diverisfy make tries to research purchasing American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins


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