Influential Over The Counter Markets

by David Jenyns on December 22, 2008

Foreign securities are the most frequently over the counter traded markets, and a growing number of experienced investors are buying them in search for profit opportunities. Over the counter buying is largely of institutional origin for participating in the rapid growth of the European Common Market.

European stocks are attractive in many ways. Even after the recent market rise of European stocks, they still sell much cheaper than their American counterparts price-earnings-ratio-wise. The purchase of European stocks should serve to diversify the portfolios of United States investment companies geographically and industrially.

Among the more popular European stocks are West German bank shares, including the Dresdener Bank, the Deutsche Bank and the Commerzbank.

As the world’s largest trading arena for securities, the over the counter market offers a great variety of issues that cover virtually the entire range of investment interests. Here, experienced investors look for “beginning” stocks or stocks in emerging industries.

To have stayed away from the off-board mart was to have missed all the excitement and exciting issues that have marked the new issue market in recent years.

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