Insurance As An Investment

by David Jenyns on March 24, 2008

What does insurance as an investment offer him? The first type is called term insurance. It pays off only in the event of death. There are no more premiums due and he gets nothing from the insurance company except the right to renew the policy for a longer term and/or the right to convert the policy to permanent insurance without a medical examination.

Policies other than term insurance as an investment cost more than term insurance initially and the additional premium provides essentially one thing—savings for the person insured. Possibly the best way to determine the yield or return on insurance as an investment is to compare different kinds of policies purchased at different ages. There is no rate of return possible on a term insurance policy. It pays off only in the event of death, and it pays the face amount of the policy. If you buy a five-year term insurance policy in the face amount of $1,000, your estate will be paid $1,000 in the event your death takes place in the five-year period. If you live, term insurance is the most expensive insurance as an investment you can buy in the long run.

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