Investing In Big Companies

by David Jenyns on May 16, 2008

How many giants are there?

Suppose we say that to be called a “giant” a company must have property valued at a billion dollars – dash a 1,000 times a $1 million dollars. How many companies are this big? Not including financial institutions such as banks and life-insurance companies, the largest four corporations were Bell Telephone, $16 billion; Standard Oil of New Jersey, $8 billion; General Motors, $7 billion; and U.S. Steel, $4 billion. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company has 20,000 sales agents scattered throughout North America.

The largest American oil companies do not have retail dealers everywhere in this country, but they operate in many foreign areas. A giant company, if well organized, has several executives, each of whom is capable of filling the chief officer’s job. An investor can get more information about a large company. If a company, now small, becomes highly successful, the value of a share of its stock will rise further than is possible in a larger concern.

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