Jan 11: What Online Stock Traders Don`t Tell You About This Key Point

by David Jenyns on January 11, 2006

The best online stock traders believe that:

1. You don`t need to know what`s going to happen next in the market to make money.

2. Anything can happen in the market.

3. Every moment and every trade in the market is unique.

Each individual trade either works or it doesn`t. Sound complicated, and difficult to do? It is, but you can learn to do it.

The best online stock traders think differently from everyone else. The successful online stock traders have confidence in their own trades, and trust themselves to do what needs to be done without hesitation. They have learnt to focus on the information that helps them pinpoint opportunities to make profits, rather than focusing on the information that strengthens their fears. They have learnt not to fear the erratic behaviour of any market.

With these types of ideas shaping your approach to the market, you can learn what does and does not work in the market. You will also be able to build up your self-confidence so that you won`t harm yourself in the changeable environment of the market. Trading can be hard and psychologically dangerous work, but its rewards can be great for those who have the discipline to learn to trade in a consistently safe and responsible way.

Not everyone has this discipline. There are two types of online stock traders in the market: those who consistently make money, and those who don`t. Traders who have learnt to be consistent and disciplined make significant sums of money in the market every year. Surprisingly, most of the trading industry`s failures are accomplished people. The largest group of regular losers is made up of doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, CEOs, wealthy retirees, and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, most of the best market analysts are the worst online stock traders. Intelligence and good market analysis can certainly contribute to success, but they are not the defining factors that separate the consistent winners from everyone else. So if it isn`t intelligence or better analysis, then what could it be?

While the markets can be described as an arena of endless opportunities, they confront the individual with some of the most sustained adverse psychological conditions they can be exposed to, such as conflicting information and sudden unexpected trend reversals. Even with this, though, everyone who trades learns something about the markets that will indicate when opportunities exist. But, learning how to identify an opportunity to buy or sell does not mean that you have learned to think like a trader.

The one characteristic that separates the consistent winners from everyone else is their attitude. The winners have acquired a unique outlook that allows them to remain disciplined, focused, and, above all else, confident. As a result, they are no longer susceptible to the normal fears and trading errors that plague everyone else.

While online stock traders trade and ends up learning something about the markets; very few people who trade ever learn the attitudes that are essential to becoming a consistent winner. This attitude comes from accepting the volatility of the market, approaching the market with discipline, taking it one trade at a time, and keeping a consistently positive attitude.

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