July 20: How to Set Up Offshore Mail Redirection

by David Jenyns on July 20, 2007

Have you found that it’s difficult to gain access to an offshore account without a whole lot of interference from various parties? If so, and you want an easier way to increase access to offshore investments without raising too many queries from funds, then this editorial is for you.

What you need is an offshore mail redirection service, also known as a mail drop. The term mail drop tends to conjure up negative connotations, so for the purposes of this article, we’ll refer to it as an offshore mail redirection service. The way this service works is that you give money that acts as a joining fee to become a patron, while at the same time lodging a bond to cover mail redirection postage fees.

An offshore mail redirection service is simply that, a company that redirects your mail – but it can offer you a great range of advantages for your offshore investment activities. Let me exemplify this example. If you use an offshore mail redirection service in a tax haven, let’s say Vanuatu for argument’s sake, then the following three points would hold true:

a. You now have an offshore mailing address – which means, to the fund, that you are really a resident of Vanuatu or at least have an address in that jurisdiction. Remember – it’s perfectly legal to invest offshore; it’s only illegal for a fund not authorized in a particular jurisdiction to take investments from that jurisdiction.

b. By possessing an offshore address, you do not necessarily require the use of an offshore structure when first starting out. This being the case, you’ll have more money to invest, because a significant portion of your capital won’t be eaten up in set-up costs.

c. The use of the offshore mail redirection service ensures that the appropriate postmark will appear on all correspondence to the fund.

So how does it work? Assuming you have selected and set up your offshore mail redirection service, when you have decided upon a particular investment of interest, you fax a letter of request to the fund of your choice, using your offshore mail redirection services address as your postal address.

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