June 18: I See The Future of Picking Excellent Stock Prices And The Successful Trader Is Me

Believe it or not, itís true what they say …

Visualizing your future, knowing that you will pick the best stock prices, the way you want it, is much more likely to make that future a reality.

Iím a doubter by nature and this notion of visualizing didnít really make much sense to me when I heard about it the first hundred times.

I mean, come on!

Sit in a quiet place and wish and hope and pray and all your dreams will come true and that the you will pick the perfect stock prices? I think not. Thatís what my mathematician brain told me (University of Cincinnati, 1973, BA Mathematics).

Then I met a subconscious trainer (whom I later married), who sat me down and stated,

Thoughts are things.

OK, what kind of things?

Iíve seen Kreskin and other guys bending spoons with their thoughts…it that what she means?

Rather than give you the entire exchange of words (I donít know that I remember all of them, as I was falling in love while I was listening), Iíll give you the capsule.

According to her, there is this stream of consciousness somewhere up there that you can plug into, and then, by directing your thoughts, you can harness this consciousness somehow to get what you want (as long as what you want is positive… you canít wish someone a losing trade!).

This, combined with the notion that time, as we know it, is not linear; we can affect the future from the present through this universal consciousness!

Thatís all Iíll say about that.

Excuse me while I hug a tree…

Iím back.

I donít know that I understand all of this, let alone believe it, but Iíll tell you one thing I


If you get your brain into an alpha brain wave state and you tell yourself (or have someone else suggest to you) what youíd like to happen in the future, say, “I will pick the best stock prices“! This is the picture of you as a successful trader…you WILL head in the direction of that picture youíve created in your head.

At least thatís what happened to me, and just about every successful trader I know.

There are different ways to visualize. During a quiet time (I know you canít imagine any quiet time… so start while seated in the bathroom) …

Now, just see yourself living the Life of Riley (am I showing my age… for those of you that donít recognize that phase, it means the good life) and having people around you recognize you as that successful trader whom everybody is talking about.

You can move up the effectiveness ladder (get off the pot?) as you get used to the notion of visualization and get more and more affective with your thinking, but the idea is to get started.

Once you start creating pictures of the money-bulging-pocketed-successful-trader-you, you will actually become less likely to allow your emotions to lead you to trading mistakes… because…

Doing the wrong thing, like pulling your stops when the market comes close to them, or not taking your profit when your system tells you to, becomes inconsistent with your picture of who you are.

Remember, think … I will pick the best stock prices.

Eventually, if you keep up your visualizations, you become that picture.

Now THAT makes sense!

By Norman Hallett

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