June 22: The Force is Within You, Luke. It is Not the Stock Trading System

There are only a handful of people who give a darn about supplying traders with a good stock trading system and way to be more disciplined and focused in their trading.

Iím one of them, so I think I know why there are so few of us.

Heck, Iím in the business of supplying traders with a tool to help improve the mental side of the stock trading system equation…the “human” element.

With (what I think) is such an important service, why am I out here virtually alone?

For a couple of reasons.

First, although most traders will admit that the mental part of trading is key to winning in the long-term, most believe they can “gut it up” and just “shake it off” when negative emotions and behaviors rear their ugly heads.

They donít need a shrink!

They know what they need to do and by-cracky, theyíll do what needs to be done without any help!

I call this the Macho Syndrome.

And whatís funny is…I get most resistance to the notion of mental discipline (as formal training) from those that need it most…the emotionally out-of-control trader. Second, a common mindset is that the primary key to being a successful trader to hook your wagon to a guru or stock trading system and then following that system to riches.

The problem is that all (even great) stock trading systems experience draw-downs and you wind up blaming the system for losing rather than doing what is painful for some… blaming yourself (for not having the courage to trade through adversity)!

So here I am, preaching pain.

“Itís not your stock trading system, itís you!”

To the trader with low self-confidence, those words can cut like a knife. “How about paying more attention to the mental/emotional part of trading?” To the trader with low self-esteem, Iíd be accusing him/her of having something wrong with them.

Being the Shepard of the mental/emotional aspect of trading is not an easy job.

But itís rewarding.

For those who start paying REAL ATTENTION to the mental part of trading, results can improve rapidly.

They start saying,

“How can I improve as a trader?”

“How can I make sure that the only variable to losing and winning is my stock trading system and not me?”

When was the last time you asked yourself these important questions?

Itís not all about changing your stock trading system; tweak, tweak, tweak.

My guess is that itís about changing YOU.

So, for me, I love what I do.

But are you ready to hear what Iím saying?

By Norman Hallett

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