June 26: Need Help With Your Forex Trading – Talk to Yourself

Traders love to talk about their forex trading.

It`s much more comfortable for most traders to talk about what COULD BE rather than WHAT IS.

They love to talk about some chart setting up, their view of the political situation surrounding the stock or market…whatever. We all know that talk is cheap.

Intellectually, we know that the chart says everything we need to know, but as emotional beings, we are always looking for the insight or the intuition to put us a step ahead of everybody else who are all looking at the same charts we are.

If we don`t have the eye to the future, maybe a forex trading friend has it.

Sometimes all you have to do is call up a forex trading buddy and say, Hi, how are you today? What you`ll get in return will be, Boy, have you seen the so-and-so` chart today?

If that breaks the XY level, it`s going to really take off! He continues, And with that unstable political situation, this could really be a big trade.

Why should we care?

We shouldn`t.

I guess we could take a look at the suggested chart and apply our forex trading parameters to it… and if it passes scrutiny, well, that would be alright to trade, right? Yeah, OK.

You have to watch yourself, though. You see, you can have a tendency to want to

MAKE a trade fit.

By Norman Hallett

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