June 5: 17 SUREFIRE Techniques GUARANTEED Turbo-Charge Your Trading in less than 24 HOURS

Post by Christina, David’s Secretary

Like a good magician, veteran traders don’t usually reveal their secrets… until now!

Because I am David’s secretary, he forwards me all of his PDF files for review and also so I become familiar with the work he is doing for you.

Some time ago, David had an author that contacted him with a great book idea. He wanted to interview some of today’s top traders and create a modern day “Market Wizards.” I thought the idea had some merit, so I forwarded the email over to David. The author seemed to know what he was doing, and just like the wonderful man my boss is, he was very eager to help.

Anyway, David went ahead and prepared his answers. Unfortunately, after talking with the author multiple times, things didn’t go as planned and the whole idea was canned.

Yesterday, I told David that I was running out of trading articles for the blog. We both were doing some “spring cleaning” on our computers and we found the trading interview questions. Like any good secretary would do, I quickly asked him if I could put up those questions that were gathering dust on his hard drive. I’m normally not persistent when I’d like something done, but I felt that these questions and answers were superb and that you would all enjoy them immensely.

So after much thought, David gave in. I was so excited he said yes because they really contain some of his best trading tips. I knew they were too good to waste. He does have a few more tucked away and I am hoping he will let them out of the bag soon.

I’ve spent the last few hours tidying this article up while David put the questions in a PDF download for your benefit.

Anyway, you can download the full trading interview by clicking on the following link:

Click here –> http://www.meta-formula.com/support-files/interviewquestions.pdf

I hope you enjoy your free gift!

Take care,

Christina David Jenyns’ Secretary
Who is my humble opinion really is the
Best Professional Trader, Author and Coach!

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