Leasing—A New Concept Of Ownership

by David Jenyns on January 16, 2009

The stock market may well have given a dramatic demonstration of its prophetic qualities when it abandoned the asset-value theory of establishing value and adopted the price-time-earnings multiple. It is expanding operations in such areas as office machines, computers, electronic equipment, etc. The equipment-leasing industry is believed to be still in its infancy. Take computer renting, for instance. A brand-new business is being built up around computer-service outfits, relatively new themselves.

For instance, C-E-I-R (Corporation for Economic & Industrial Research) rents time to other companies on the high-speed computers that it, in turn, rents from IBM. Also participating in the computer-service field are the major computer manufacturers themselves. In the private passenger-car leasing field, Ryder System, a major truck-leasing company, is challenging the leadership of “rent-a-car” Hertz by cooperating with the National Insurance group of Columbus, Ohio. Under their joint plan, any individual may lease any car of his choice, and a single monthly payment will cover the cost of leasing, insurance, service, maintenance, taxes, etc.

As the industry evolves, watch for new opportunities for investment in the leasing industry.

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