Manning Stoller Video Review # 1

by David Jenyns on August 18, 2008

Video review of "STARC BandsTM & Sibbetís Demand Index – Part 1"

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Rating: 4/5

STARC BandsTM and Sibbetís Demand Index Illustrate Your Ability to Harness the Power of Programmable Software….
Manning describes the nuances of his own study, STARC BandsTM (Stollerís Average Range Channel), a popular and effective technique for helping traders determine the level of risk prior to entry.

STARC BandsTM use price and volatility to construct an indicator that never needs optimization. Most traders use STARC BandsTM just as they are defined, but for those who wish to improvise, the study represents a good programming point of departure for user modifications. Samís discussion of the code for STARC BandsTM allows anyone with even a little proficiency to do so. Manning also describes Jim Sibbetís Demand Index and its usefulness as a major system component to traders for whom open interest information is available. This interesting and often overlooked tool is one of the few studies that use volume and price. The Demand Index is difficult to calculate by hand, as it would consume eighteen columns of data for execution. Using Stollerís STARC BandsTM and Sibbetís Demand Index for illustration, Sam Tennis teaches you how to harness the vast power of TradeStationTMís testing ability, as well as the programís ability to notify you of signals you have specified. All popular software packages, EasyLanguageTM included, share certain conventions and techniques. Sam shows you how to identify and use the conventions, thus simplifying the process of learning any programming language. Sam teaches you about the most common programming problems. He shows you how to identify and correct the most common coding errors. Every computer programmer has a set of rules and guidelines for proper testing of a module or integrated system. Sam shares his view of this process and describes the manner in which he feels testing should be done. Even if you are not a TradeStationTM user, the studies Sam and Manning describe and the complete code they provide are generally applicable to any good, programmable technical software package. Finally, Sam discusses the resources (including the Internet) available to those wishing to start or expand their own testing capabilities and increase their knowledge of technical analysis. Remember, you do not have to be a programmer to understand and use the concepts presented in this workshop, and you will benefit no matter what software package you are using.

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