March 15: Tips and Tricks To Set Up Your Second Stock Trader Club Meeting – Part 2

by David Jenyns on March 15, 2006

You`ve met once, determined how often the club is going to meet, how many members there are, and even thought about a name. However, your new stock trader club isn`t quite ready to make its first stock purchase yet. There are few things that have to happen, including the election of stock trader club officers, before you can settle down with a list of interesting stocks to study.

Let`s start by considering those stock trader club officers. While all members of the investment stock trader club will have duties and responsibilities they need to fulfill to be members, the officers, or executive, of the stock trader club will have greater responsibilities. Yet, without these positions filled, the stock trader club won`t be able to function. Here are some of the positions that most investment stock trader clubs have:

President. The president can also be known as the presiding partner. The president decides when the next meeting is going to take place (usually done with a mutual vote but made official by the president), presides over the meetings, and plans activities (usually done with a mutual decision by other members).
Vice president. The vice president can also be known as the assistant presiding partner. The vice president is the member that stands in when the president is absent or needs help with presidential duties. The vice president often plans the educational section of stock trader club meetings.
Treasurer. The treasurer is also known as the financial partner. The treasurer deals with the brokerage firm and does the buying and selling of stock. The treasurer is also responsible for keeping accurate records of the financial holdings of the stock trader club, the financial contributions of each of the members, and any other records that concern themselves with money matters.
Secretary. The secretary is also known as the recording partner. The secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of each meeting, giving out copies of the minutes of past meetings to all members, and informing members of upcoming meetings.
Education officer. Many stock trader clubs have what is known as an education officer. This person is responsible for organizing educational activities such as guest speakers, reading materials, field trips, and presentations that have to do with investing.

Once the stock trader club`s executive is in place, you can move on to other business details that need to be in place for the stock trader club to operate. This includes registering the stock trader club, by name, as a business with the state and applying for a tax ID number. When the paperwork returns, and the ID number is assigned, the Secretary should make sure that the paperwork is filed and that members of the stock trader club have access to the information. All important documents are part of the Secretaries responsibility, including member information and records of stock purchases, etc.

With the tax ID number the Treasurer can open a checking account for the stock trader club, as well as a brokerage account. The Treasurer, and stock trader club members, should also decide on the type of accounting system (or accounting software) the stock trader club intends to use, and get it started.

If your investment stock trader club is going to use other types of software to keep track of stocks, profits, expenses, and other administrative information it should be purchased and installed. Remember that if more than one member of the stock trader club is going to use the software program on their computer you`ll have to purchase multiple copies of the software or buy licenses for more than one user.

The stock trader club should also start to consider its educational program. If you have elected an Education Officer, they can take the lead here. If not, the Vice President should get things rolling. Since a large part of the investment stock trader club is about studying the stock market, the education program you decide on will have a great impact on the experience of the stock trader club.

With your officers in place, and all the business aspects of the stock trader club taken care of, members of your investment stock trader club are now ready to start on their journey of investing and learning.

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