March 23: Discover Ways To Solve All Your Stock Options Investment Club Troubles

by David Jenyns on March 23, 2006

As with all aspects of investing there are a number of tools, software programs, and pieces of information that can make running your stock options investment club smoother. Consider having several of the members of your stock options investment club try different types of software on their computers so that the club can make an informed decision about where it wants to invest.

Some of the software available includes:

Stock analyzers. There are different types of software available that will help you analyze the stocks that you`re interested in and keeping an eye on.

Available from Kingsoft:
Available from NAIC:

Accounting software. You`ll want to have software for accounting purposes so that you can keep track of all your finances and generate reports for members of the club to have for their records.

NAIC Club Accounting Software
The NAIC produces an accounting software that is tailored to stock options investment club needs.

Portfolio record keepers. This type of software will keep track of the clubs portfolio. It will track details such as stock options investment fees and transactions, your purchases and sales, member transactions, and stock market fluctuations for your stocks.

NAIC Portfolio Record Keeper
This software will help you keep track of the information that is important to your club`s stock portfolio.

There are also a number of stock options investment sites that will send your club stock options investment newsletters which will contain a great deal of information about current stock trends. You may want to consider having members of the club subscribe to some of these, such as the Investor Advisory Service provided by Iclub Central or The Motley Fool`s Money Advisor.

Your club may also want to consider investigating the most active stocks in various markets when they are ready to begin investing. Up-to-date information on this can be found at a number of sites, including

Remember, stocks are volatile and can fall or rise in a matter of hours so any price information that you get should always be confirmed prior to buying or selling a stock. Each club needs someone who can keep a constant eye on the stock market and the stocks that it`s looking at, which is why all clubs need a broker.

However, one of the main reasons for starting an stock options investment club is to learn about the stock market and do your own investing. So the club should take every opportunity that it can to learn how to monitor its stocks.

You can find a great deal of information to help beginning investors, including how to read a stock quote, glossaries of stock options investment terms, and explanations of stock symbols at sites such as or

It doesn`t matter whether you`re an amateur investor just starting out, or a more experienced investor that wants to expand into more stock options investments, there are tools and resources out there to make all parts of investing clear to your club members. In your mission statement and make sure that each member of the club, and any future members, has a copy of the mission statement. Your mission statement will keep your club focussed on the goals it has set and keep it moving towards them.

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