MetaStock Peak Function

by David Jenyns on July 14, 2007

MetaStock Peak Function
The Peak function allows you to refer to a peak (i.e. distinct highs) in any selected `data array’. Technically speaking, a peak is the highest point reached between a short term up trend and a short term down trend. The way this function identifies a peak is based on the selected data array moving down a set percentage from a high. This percentage is set by the user. Additionally, by using the `peak’ function, not only can you refer to the most recent peak but also to any peak before that. SYNTAX Peak(Nth, Data Array, Minimum Change) Nth _ The number of the peak you wish to refer to. For example, N = 1 would return the value of the most recent peak in the data array, and N = 2 would return the value of the peak before that one.


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