Microwaves: A Perfect Argument For Tech Investment

by David Jenyns on January 28, 2009

Microwaves are extremely short radio waves ranging from 300 to 300,000 megacycles, with frequencies falling between the television and infrared spectrum.

The industry is just starting to pioneer the use of frequencies over 30,000 megacycles. Its application to defense and commercial communications are said to be only beginning, especially in long-range communications.

Two of the most promising fields of microwave technology are microwave tube manufacture and microwave test equipment and components. In the former area, Varian Associates and Eitel-McCullough are heavily concentrated while Hewlett-Packard, FXR and Polarad Electronics are concentrating in the latter field.

And, of course, we have Microwave Associates, one of the leading companies in microwave technology, known particularly for its development of microwave components for the millimeter wave-length range, duplexing tubes and microwave silicon diodes. Most microwave companies are relatively small ones with a relatively small equity base. What’s true of microwave technology is also true of other dynamic areas of growth where invariably we find quite a number of companies participating.

Because there are so many companies trying to get into the technology industry, you’re going to have to be careful and choosey about where you place your money. Do your homework, look at historical performance and invest carefully.

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