My Option Market Returns Eventually Met My Expectations

by David Jenyns on December 20, 2006

My Option Market Returns Eventually Met My Expectations
Using the technique I had employed, giving me excellent option market returns with UNIVERSAL CONTROLS and THIOKOL, I made a pilot buy into all four of them on May 13, 1959:…. On May 18th I was stopped out of BECKMAN INSTRUMENTS at 60, and on May 19th I decided to sell LITTON INDUSTRIES, which was acting worse than the others, at 106 & a quarter. Now I adjusted my stop-losses on the remaining stocks to ensure option market returns. It was the fourth week of May when I proceeded to switch more than $1,000,000 from my option market returns into the two stronger stocks. These were my total purchases: Discounting my short-term tradings, my funds were switched from option to option in the following way: At that time I had six brokers. I closed my account with three of them. Then I sat back and watched the stocks I held bring in option market returns.


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