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by David Jenyns on August 28, 2011

Stock Trading Academy main focus is not just online stock trading, but also teaching people how to manage their long-term investments. Our academies institutions main source and is to teach every investor or trader how to become a successful self directed investor or successful online stock trader. We have long trading careers working for hedge funds and investment banks. We teach you strategies built by them and other traders from around the world that can be applied to make money so you can win and not your broker. Stock trading online involves a lot of rewards along with risks. But people tend to forget about the risk and focus only on making money. But if anyone has ever worked for a trading company or a hedge fund, they would know that the pros first calculate their risk. The pros want to know how much they could lose and what are the chances of that happening. Stock Trading Academy also gives the same knowledge and tools that allows people to benefit while taking small-calculated risks.

Stock Trading Academy Courses is one of the best company’s out there in terms of student support, strategy, classroom training and pricing. We will spend as much time with out students as they need. Students are allowed to retake the class as many times as they want. We also spend time live with our students during the market where we can show you live trades and implement what we preach. Stock Trading Academy also offers for investing in stocks, Power Trading known as Electricity Trading and Volatile Trading Market.   Stock Trading Academy training schools offer courses for 3 days and 2 hours each day. There is no minimum or maximum, the class ends when the students say it ends. We have held numerous classes that last more than 2 hours and real futures trading are done to show examples. Our courses are Stock Trading Online Courses, Futures Trading Courses, Commodities Trading Courses, Forex Trading Courses, Power Trading Courses and Investing Trading Course.

Stock Trading Academy also gives notes for Professional Equity Traders, Professional Futures Traders, Professional Commodity Traders, Professional Forex Traders, Professional Energy Traders and Professional Investor Traders.

Stock Trading Academy Instructions and Classes Notes:

How to select favorable stocks to trade What are Futures contracts Commodities Market Forex Market What is Power Trading Pricing mechanism Risk-reward ratios Fundamental and Technical Analysis How to set up the charts How does this market work How to screen important information from charts What set-ups to look for Long and Short entries Stop placement for various set-ups with good risk-reward ratios Position Management How to manage exits on multiple positions When to stop trading Psychology to traders

This is the instructions and notes are given by stock trading academy to train their investors and students in their academy and also give free introductory courses on every Tuesday

Stock Trading Academy main focus is not just online stock trading, but also teaching people how to manage their long-term investments.
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